ECOFORCE is a Solar and LED Lighting manufactory based in Zhongshan-China. A joint venture between a Brazilian and Chinese companies with over 15 years of experience in product development and distribution.

Offering a complete line of solar lights and a wide variety of AC Power LED lights with excellent energy efficacy solutions. We are the leading Solar Lighting brand in South American retail DIY Market, currently expanding our success to European, African and other markets.

Our factory in China works closely with our R&D in Brazil, developing patented designed products using an advanced quality control system at all stages of production. We guarantee an innovative portfolio through the careful selection of each component, using today's most efficient technologies.



We are a company committed to the sustainability of the environment, always developing the best and most eco-friendly products through the balance between nature, humanity and technology.



To unlock the extraordinary potential of the Sunlight and LED Technology for better lives and a better world.