Product Code: 8969 - 18606


Transform your garden’s scenario, with no electrical energy cost, adding the charm and elegance of decorative solar lighting. The ECOFORCE Solar Path Light is an eco-friendly product, produced with the latest technology and the highest quality standards. It is powered by solar energy through a panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy recharging the internal battery during the day. It's quick, easy to install and should be in a place that receives the maximum amount of sunlight; at dusk a photo sensible sensor will automatically light up the lamp. Water resistant and with high durability, can be easily applied for beaconing and decorating of outdoor areas.

• White SuperLED;

• It charges during the day with sunlight and lights up automatically at dusk;

• Up to 10 hours after an entire day of Sun;

• Contains rechargeable battery that can be easily replaced;

• Produced in high resistance plastic (ABS);

• Water resistant, ideal for outdoor areas;

• Extremely practical, easy to assemble and no electrical installation required – does not have wires.


Solar Panel Amorphous 0,06 Watt
LED 0,02 Watt
Lumens 3lm
Autonomy Up to 10 hours
Battery 1 x AAA 200mAh 1,2V Ni-Mh Rechargeable
Material High Resistance Plastic (ABS)
Color Temperature White
Size 7,5(C) x 7,5(L) x 36(A) cm
Weight 0,091kg
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